Monday, October 26, 2009

More Characters

This week I did the same thing, just more detailed. These were pretty successful, I think.

I was looking back at all the drawings I did 2 years ago and how helpful all the constant practice was for me. Hopefully once this semester is over I can get back to that. I'm hoping to gain some of that precision back!

This one scanned differently for some reason, but I like it.

I like the guy with the shoes.

My least favorite for some reason.

That's all!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Character Update!

Some weird organically shaped characters I made for independent study this week.

Nargol thought they were very funny! :-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here are more experimentations for my Independent Study. I had a lot of fun and success this time I think. Two or three of them work really well, about two or three of them really don't.

My favorite one. I think it works best.

I like this one as well.

Alain really likes the left side of this piece, and thinks it would work well cropped.

Lab Update

I am really making progress with The Lab. The project I came up with is a book called Weird Mammals, which exploits the most rare, unknown, and interesting mammals. Each spread is a portrait of a very strange creature and some facts about them. The book will be very handmade, seeing as I do not have the money to get them printed by LuLu and will be printing them myself. Also, I am hand-making cloth envelopes to encase the books and attaching four 1" buttons to the outside.

This is my special box of tools. I take it with me everywhere.

My pigs, Gina and Pearl, were having "floor time" while I was documenting, so they are being included in this post as well.

The set of four 1" buttons that will come as a free gift with the book.
[Featuring: Fennec Fox, Warthog, Sloth, Aardvark]

2 Gocco Screens, a Letterpress Polymer Plate, and their final products above them.

Patches might be a cool idea for something to include, but I'm not sure yet.

These will be the covers to my books. They are letter-pressed,
thanks to Kyle Van Horn for his help. The yellow didn't show up great, but
it gives off a weird feeling that I kind of enjoy.

What Pearl is sniffing is a mock-up for what my envelopes will look
like, though the fabric will be much better. That one doesn't work.


These are some of the projects I have done so far for Concepts I. We are near midterms now and I figured I should post some of the assignments we have had for the first half of this semester.

Our first assignment was a new years card that had to be in the shape of a 10.

Mine opened up to be a monster at a disco.
Acrylic and Ink on Paper.

Guinea Bissau Mural Project:
Horizontal Mural Sketch

Vertical Mural Sketch

Short Comic assignment:
My comic is china marker on acetate, and it is about a double
       person that splits into two so they are finally able to meet.

Independent Study

I am working with Alain Corbel and he is giving me assignments about color, line and shape. So far I have had many assignments focusing on the impact of color and how black can contrast with the colors to bring more impact to an image.

 Alain and I colored on top of this one