Sunday, May 9, 2010

Concepts II Final

I created a brand called charm (ing) city and these are just some of the products that have come from it. 

The two postcards.

The illustrations in the pattern I did. This pattern could be a gift wrap, wall paper, or even fabric.

I am thinking I might want to switch out the part that says "Greetings From Baltimore" for the charm (ing) city logo instead. I think that would make more sense and just look better.

Cookbook- Click recipes to make bigger!

I worked on a cookbook all semester for The Illustrated Book. It was really fun once I got into it. I really like the results. There are 16 spreads and I tried to open them all and my computer froze up, so I am just going to upload a few! You'll have to ask to see the rest.

There are fifteen recipes and they all have different patterns behind the illustrations of the food that are modern representations of ancient patterning from that country. Some of this food is very delicious.