Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ind Study

I know this is extremely delayed, but here are some of the final things I did with Independent Study this past semester. Oh, and I made the deans list! Now I know I am capable of still doing well with 6 classes, 18 credits, and a lot of stress.

This was my final project, the part that wasn't digital. I had to take the techniques I had learned this semester and apply them to a real concept. This is a piece in response to an article I read about interspecies nursing/feeding.

A design I made for my final. I used it to make a patterned wrapping paper.
I don't know what happened... really icky Jpegs.

I also experimented with making patterns using the ink blots.


Here are a few more things I did this past semester. I took a class called Studio Remix: Stitch, and these are some things it made me come up with.

Embroidery illustration of my choice.

A love letter pillowcase made with embroidery and applique!

A 3D scene about a yeti!

My final project: A huge plush! A tattooed guy in a monkey suit. It's about identity.

Weird Mammals!

Weird Mammals is a zine package that features 32 different strange and unusual mammals that the average American doesn't know much about. The package comes with a pack of four 1" buttons, a sticker, a letter pressed book cover and a screen printed vellum envelope.

This project was completed for the class The Lab with Whitney Sherman. It took the entire fall semester, and there were 42 copies made, and 40 sold to the public. They are now sold out. Thanks to everyone who helped support me in this huge project I took on! I couldn't have done it without you guys.